I’m a sixth generation Kentuckian and lifelong Northern Kentuckian.

I’m an Eagle Scout and proven leader.

I’m running to fix Congress, fix the budget process, cut wasteful spending, fix the immigration system, and drain the swamp.

I refuse to accept a dime of corporate or special interest




1. One bill, one issue in order to stop omnibus bills on a permanent basis.

2. All votes roll call/ electronically recorded vote.

3. Keep the House and Senate floor amendment process on a permanent basis.

4. Germaneness rule- all floor amendments must be same subject as bill.

5. Mandatory 72 hour waiting period between a bill filed and voted on in both houses of Congress in order to stop omnibus bills from being passed in the middle of the night.

6. No hearing, no vote in order to stop omnibus bills from being passed in the middle of the night.

7. Make discharge petitions the law in both houses of Congress.

8. REINS Act: require that all regulations with major economic impact be voted on in Congress before taking effect. This would return the power to regulate interstate commerce back to Congress where it belongs.

9. Senators Work as much As Teachers Act: Mandatory 180 legislative sessions per year on separate days. A roll call vote and a quorum would be required for each session. Congressional productivity has gone down significantly since Congress switched to a three day work week. Congress passes approximately one hundred less resolutions per year since the switch to the three day work week.

10. Eliminate House rules committee.

11. Eliminate House and Senate budget committee since they are redundant due to the existence of appropriations committees in Congress. This would save the taxpayers millions in staff salaries over the long term.

12. Six year term limits for committee chairs in Congress.


13. Ban federal healthcare dollars/food stamps going to illegal immigrants.

14. Amend the Budget Act of 1974 (2 USC 631) to include a stricter budget schedule.

15. Stopping Improper Payments to Deceased People Act.

16. Stop use it or lose it spending, the money government agencies have left over at the end of the year and spend it however they want to. This money would be returned to the treasury instead, with a savings to taxpayers of $50-$100 billion per year.

17. Mandatory competitive bidding on all military contracts over one billion dollars.

18. Ban federal bonuses, with an annual savings of $1 billion to taxpayers.

19. End the Export-Import Bank, loans to Fortune 500 companies, leading to at least $150 million in savings to the taxpayer on an annual basis.

20. Mandate that farm subsidies only go to those that own or operate a farm.


21. Amend 28 USC 541 to have the DC US Attorney appointed by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, not the President. When the DC US Attorney (federal prosecutor) is appointed by the President, they will not prosecute people on their side of the aisle. They will also not prosecute people on the other side of the aisle since it will be perceived as prosecuting their political opponents.

22. Amend the bribery statute (18 USC 201) to include donations to PACs and political campaigns in exchange for a vote on a bill, sponsorship of a bill, and co-sponsorship of a bill a bribe. President Trump’s prosecutor in Southern Ohio figured out how to drain Cincinnati City Hall, by arresting city council members for taking PAC donations in exchange for their vote.

23. Holman rule- Allow Congress to zero out salaries of executive branch officials.


24. Finish the wall.

25. Remain in Mexico for all asylum seekers.

26. Mandatory e-verify, which requires two forms of ID or a visa in order to be hired for a job.

27. Ban sanctuary cities.

28. Ban asylum seekers from receiving work permits.


29. Mandate all FBI interviews be recorded in order for someone to be prosecuted for lying to the FBI.

30. Repeal absolute immunity for prosecutors and federal judges, 28 USC 2679 (b)(1). Currently federal judges and federal prosecutors can’t be sued for civil violations of the law.

31. Mandate Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility release names of prosecutors who commit misconduct.

32. Codify Brady precedent, the Fairness in Disclosure of Evidence Act, with mandatory criminal penalties for prosecutors who knowingly fail to disclose exculpatory/exonerating evidence (18 USC 401), and allow it to be a fireable offense at DOJ.

33. Allow unlimited habeas corpus petitions after a conviction. Repeal 28 USC 2255(f), 28 USC 2255(h), 28 USC 2241(c)(3). Mandate habeas corpus petition to be heard by judge that didn’t preside over original trial.

34. Must have search warrant to unmask American identity in incidentally collected foreign surveillance (FISA Section 702).


35. Cap interest rates for credit cards (10%).

36. Cap interest rates on private student loans (10%).

37. Allow health insurance to be sold across state lines.


38. Ban stock buybacks for pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.

39. Allow seven million in tax deductible compensation for corporate executives instead of stock options. Exclude hospital executives, health insurance executives, and pharmaceutical executives. Fortune 500 CEOs who receive six million dollars in stock options annually will introduce layoffs in order to meet quarterly Wall Street expectations and boost the value of their stock options.

40. Stop the censorship of conservatives on social media. Repeal the word objectionable from section 230, stopping social media executives from removing content they view as objectionable.

Vote Early

Voting locations by county:

Vote early, in-person on May 16, May 17, May 18.

Election Day is May 21st

Statewide primary races: Primary Election Ballot Positions.pdf

Massie’s Record

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken in over three quarters of a million dollars in corporate PAC money over the past dozen years.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from Silicon Valley. He will not stop the censorship of conservatives on social media.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from the railroad industry, the auto industry, and the airline industry while he is on the Transportation Committee.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from lobbying firms, including Eric Holder’s law firm.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin and Halliburton. He will not cut wasteful spending from the Defense Department.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from Pfizer and Merck. He will not take on Big Pharma.

Thomas Massie’s campaign has taken money from the mainstream media (NBC/Comcast).

Thomas Massie has proposed 23 bills in the past 12 years, and not a single one of them has been made into law.


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